8 Essentials for Effective Digital Circular Execution

The traditional circular has transitioned to digital to fill in the void that the decline in print has created.  However, the digital circular has become increasingly difficult to execute effectively at scale.

Read StitcherAds’ newest report on ways that grocery chains can leverage all the capabilities of the digital circular. Plus, we’ll revisit some of the fundamentals needed to drive an effective ad execution.


8 Circular essentials IMG

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Table of Contents

This ebook covers the 8 essentials needed to deliver an effective digital circular execution:

  • 1. Circular strategy
  • 2. Data onboarding and enrichment
  • 3. Product and prospect definitions
  • 4. Personalization
  • 5. Platform-specific ad formats
  • 6. Measurement
  • 7. Multivariate testing
  • 8. Campaign monitoring